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25 août 2008 1 25 /08 /août /2008 10:15
I really love this kind of old rock who sound so new at same time... and one time more, it's better with girls...

Many concert videos on Youtube but not so much in good quality... But discover all their songs, manye are just wonderful.
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25 août 2008 1 25 /08 /août /2008 09:55
La dernière fois (Lovage dans "Un dîner presque parfait" !), je vous disais qu'il y avait de bonnes musiques en fond sonore de cette émission... je reviens à ce sujet avec Claire et Seb qui m'ont dit que Lovage passait régulièrement  lors d'un dîner presque parfait !
Si le dîner est presque parfait, la musique, elle, est parfaite !

Si le fan de Lovage travaillant à M6 passe sur ce blog, qu'il n'hésite pas à me saluer ! ;-)

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17 août 2008 7 17 /08 /août /2008 19:16
She repeats herself enormously but it's cool and I really appreciate Run because I'm myself a runner? Who know...

Run :

The road to home :

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15 août 2008 5 15 /08 /août /2008 18:45
China is not only the theater of Olympic games but there are so much so good music unknown from them! Here a classic rock with Josie Ho (actress and singer, read more about her on the Internet).

Electro static :

Standard wife :

here it's a little bit more as Jewel for example:

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13 août 2008 3 13 /08 /août /2008 18:31
He might be as well known as Fatboy Slim... Ok maybe Fatboy has this little "something more" but listen to The Wiseguys...

Ooh la la :

Start the commotion :

We be the crew :

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8 août 2008 5 08 /08 /août /2008 11:48
The same band, or nearly, of Les sans culottes, this faux-french band is simply perfect in a 60's rock so fresh!!

Fille atomatique:

Hope to hear more and more about them!!! I love!!
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7 août 2008 4 07 /08 /août /2008 12:33
A sentence read some weeks ago who keep my attention: "You come for the melody, you stay for lyrics". It's from Alain Bashung, French singer and songwriter.
I totally agree even if sometimes I only stay for the melody ;-) But for masterpiece as Home (Sheryl Crow) or John I love you (Sinéad O'Connor), this sentence sounds so true!

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6 août 2008 3 06 /08 /août /2008 11:44
Two girls which sing with their guitars. Melange of mood and culture in a subtil rock, optimistic and fresh.

All I need to know:

Bad mood:

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4 août 2008 1 04 /08 /août /2008 11:36
Fathers of electro, they are hypnotic and psychedelic! I like it!
Recorded into 1969 for the first cd!

I've known love:


Seagreen serenades (where it used an old French TV program "Bonne nuit les petits"):

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4 août 2008 1 04 /08 /août /2008 09:43
Classic rock girl. It's nice, but not crazy about them. Fave : Brother.


Love, love, love:

Can you tell me:

it's time to go:

Sinking hearts:

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